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Your VA 4 a Day | VIP DAYS ARE HERE!

Need items checked off your to do list, like yesterday? With a Your VA 4 a Day VIP Day we’ll check off your tasks 1 by 1, and we’ll do in just one day. Have I got your attention... Keep reading for more details.

Your VA 4 a Day VIP Days here and I am so excited to share about this amazing service. You are a busy female entrepreneur and you want things done fast! What if I told you we could get a months worth of work done together in just one day?

How does it work?

1. Kick off Call

This is where we will lay out all the details for what we want to work on during your VIP

Day. We will hop on zoom 1-2 weeks prior to your VIP Day for 60-90 minutes to

create an action plan and prioritize the tasks to be completed on your VIP day.


You will have our undivided attention for 6 hours on your VIP Day. We’ll be communicating

with you throughout the day via Voxer, and we will be all wrapped up by dinner time.

3. After Support

After our VIP day, you will have access to the Your VA 4 a Day team via email and Voxer for

7 days for anything related to the work we completed. You will also have the option to book

another full or half day of support if needed.

So what can we work on during your VIP Day? Here is a list of sample VIP days.

CRM Set Up

- Brand new to 17 hats? Let's get you set up for success.

CRM Refresh

- Already using 17 hats but need some more streamlined systems? Lets get things automated

so 17 hats is working for you and not the other way around.

Content Planning

- Do you have ideas but no system in place? Lets batch out a bunch of content to be used

over the next month.. or more! Instagram, Facebook, Blog, Email list.

Website Refresh

- Need to update your website? New photos, new text, link fixes, etc.

Client Workflow

- Do you feel overwhelmed every time you get an inquiry? Lets create a workflow for each of

your photography services so you

Email List

- Are you stuck on how to get an email list set up? Lets get your list set up, add the sign up

form to your website and socials and map out your next emails.

Tackle my to do list

- Do you have a giant laundry list of tasks you want to get done one day? You know they are

important to level up your business but you struggle finding the time to get them done... this is

the perfect task for a VIP Day. Lets tackle that list.

Have another idea for a VIP day?? I would love to hear about it.


Want to learn more before you book your VIP Day? Hop on one of my FREE 15 minute Coffee & Conversations.


Ready to book your VIP Day?

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