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You are feeling unmotivated. Ask yourself these 4 questions!

Updated: Jan 27

How is your week going?

Or better yet how is your year going? (you know, the whole 3 weeks of 2022 so far lol) I have seen a common vibe this week and that is..... You are feeling unmotivated!

• Why do I feel unmotivated? • Where are my roadblocks? • What motivates you in your business? • Are my efforts better served doing something else? It is the perfect time of year to reassess, sit down and reflect on what you plan to do this year. Instead of working on something BIG right now, focus on the small stuff. Mindset is a big one, let's get your head in the game!! Think of a time you were totally motivated in your business. What did that look and feel like? Can you use that to get you inspired today? Then once you get your mind right prioritize what is important for you right now, where can you focus your energy to get the most reward or benefit? What are you working on? Maybe you need to focus your efforts in a different direction? A lot of the time I hear people say they need social media help and the truth is, they are handing their social media, they have a system and it is working. So instead of focusing on that right now, focus your efforts where it could be better put to use? Cleaning up your CRM, setting up an email list, updating your website. These are all areas that get neglected throughout the year. Focus your time where it can save you time during busy season. For myself, I planned to do an overhaul on my 17 hats but you know what, it is running smoothly for me right now so I am putting my efforts into my packages/offers this week. Your VA 4 a Day VIP Days are coming and I can't wait to share more with you. Next time you are having an off day, or off week, tell yourself that it's ok to just rest! You became an entrepreneur so you can be your own boss, take the days when you need them, you work for you. Remember that!!

Ready to get some help getting your business on track? Let's chat! Book one of my Free Coffee and Conversations and see where I can be of service in your photography business. Looking for someone to just be your sounding board? Ready to make a plan and take action on your goals this year? Need help getting actual 'things' done in your business? Wherever you are at in your business, you can always use a helping hand. Let me be that for you :)

Have you haven't joined the FREE Accountability group, what are you waiting for? Here is the link to the Facebook group. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you have the support and encouragement of your business besties and streamlined systems in place.
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