• Alysha Spencer

What is a Workflow and why do I need one?

What is a workflow and why do you need one? I’m sure you’ve heard of the term workflow floating around, but how do you know if you really need one. Let me break it down for you.

A workflow is a series of to do's and action items that you need to complete for each and every client and/or project.

I prefer to manage my client workflows in a CRM System, i use 17hats - click the link and use my referral code to get a discount. Having a CRM system can automate your whole client experience, manage your projects and so much more. 17 hats is able to guide me through each and every step from the time someone fills out my contact form to the time I send them a thank you email for working with me.

But don't worry, if you aren’t using a CRM system there are other ways to set up workflows. One simple way is to create a template as a Google doc or a Word doc. Another great option is Trello or Asana workflows and task management. Then list out every single step from the moment you receive an inquiry to completion of your service and/or product.

Creating a workflow allows you to:

1. Know what stage of the experience your client is in.

2. Automate your steps so you never miss one or can easily outsource

3. Know exactly what and when tasks need to be completed.

I am obsessed with workflows because it helps me stay on track through my client process. I know I will never miss an inquiry or sending a session reminder again. I have my Email Templates/Questionnaires/Invoices/Proposals etc., all in one place. I can choose what I want to send automatically to my clients and what needs my personal touch before it gets sent off. Either way there is a step along the way that I have to take action on so I never miss a beat.

I like to break my workflows down as follows:

Lead Inquiry

Use a Lead Capture form to gather leads, you can place this form right on your website and have leads funnel right into your CRM to trigger the next steps in your workflow.

Booking Process

Send Proposals, Contracts and Questionnaires to get your client booked and look like a pro in the process.

On boarding

Once your client is booked, automate those next steps leading up to the session date. Session Reminders and Invoices.

Post Session

Automate the steps you take after each session. This can include editing, gallery delivery and thank you gifts/emails.

Stop being overwhelmed by your next steps every time an inquiry comes in! Set up your very own client workflows and relax knowing your client is in good hands thoughout their client experience through a workflow.

If you need help setting up your Workflows, whether it is in 17 hats, Dubsado, Honeybook or hey, even mapping out your workflow in a Google Doc, I am happy to help. Book your free Coffee & Conversation and lets get your client experience set up for success.

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