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Things to do in the off season

This time of year for a lot of photographers means it's off season! Time to rest and reset for the upcoming busy season. But it is also a great time to work on the tasks you might not find the time to do during the busier times of the year.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you to streamline your systems during the off season. Remember to break the big tasks down into smaller ones. Don't let this overwhelm you, even doing a few of these will pay off when busy season hits. If you need support getting any of these tasks rolling book one of my FREE Coffee & Conversations and let's chat about where and how you can save time in your business, I love talking about this stuff!

Update your Website

Go through and skim your website for broken links, un-relevant copy and outdated images. Don't forget to update your prices for the new year ahead and refresh your SEO for each page.

Do a Systems Audit

Are your systems working for you or are you working for your systems? Now is the time to go through your systems and processes. Take note of what is working well and what isn't. If something isn't working for you, get help from a pro or switch to something that works easier for your business. Automate any and all systems that you repeat over and over.

Work on those Guides

I don't know about you but this is something I had put off for years! It's hard to find the time to work on them when you are so busy with all the other parts of your business but let me tell you... Having a Style, Pricing or Welcome Guide for your clients will save you so much time answering questions back and forth through messages. Purchase a Style Guide Template from someone you really look up to (I love the Katelyn James and Amy & Jordan Guides) or search for ebook templates in Canva and get started on your own. Then save it as a PDF and send it to your clients when they book or create a hidden page on your website and send them the link. It may seem like a lot of work to get done at first but I promise it will quickly become one of the most important tools in your client experience.

Clean up your Office

By the end of the year I am sure your desk needs an overhaul. Simply clean up your desk and organize folders or go full Marie condo and get rid of what no longer serves you and give an intentional spot for the items that should stay.

Organize your Files

Create functional folders, rename files, put all your important documents in one place. I like to use dropbox to organize my files. It helps me access them both from my desktop and phone. Get rid of any files you no longer need and make sure to back up everything you want to keep safe. Sometimes I slack on backing up my personal photos throughout the year ago this is a good time to make sure they are safe.

Education and Skills

You know that course you bought last year or 3 years ago? Ya it's time to tackle it. Pencil time in your planner each and every week to work on in. Even if it's just an hour at a time.


Connect with others in your industry, join Facebook groups, reach out to people who will inspire you. Become a Biz Bestie by 1. Joining the FREE Facebook Group 2. Joining the Biz Besties Members Lounge to make connections and get accountable in your business.

Shoot for fun

After you network reach out and plan a styled shoot. Put out a model call for that session you have been dying to shoot or new technique you have been wanting to try. Spark your inspiration and practice your skill. Pro tip: Grab your own kids or a friend and practice with them!

Take some real time off

Seriously!! This one is important, in a few months you will be begging for a break. Take some real time off for you and your family. Even if its a staycation just totally shut off and unplug, you deserve it.

Think of how good it will feel to get some of these tasks checked off your to do list this off season! If your to do list is long, and you can't seem to find the time get these done on your own, I would love to chat. I offer a Your VA 4 a Day VIP day option that would be perfect for tackling these tasks on your list. With a Full or Half Day VIP you get me and my services all to yourself to work on this tasks. So instead of doing a few hours here and a few hours there we can hit your to do list hard and make big progress in just one day. Learn more here.

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