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How to put your business into holiday mode

Updated: Jan 3

It is the week of Christmas and I don't know about you, but I am ready to check out and go into full holiday mode over here! As an entrepreneur it can be easy to feel some guilt when we take some real time off but I want to give you permission and some great ideas to do it without your clients really noticing!

There is nothing more frustrating when you planned a day off and a client comes around asking you for something, ugh didn't they know I was taking time off? Lol. Well did they actually know? Did you prep them so they know you are taking some time off.

Here are my top 4 tips check out and go into holiday mode this Christmas.

#1 - Set up an auto responder for your email so you can let clients know you are taking time off.

Even if you plan to respond to emails over the holidays, this will set an expectation for your clients. You can say "I will be out of the office until DATE" or you can increase your response timeline from 24 to 48 hours to give you more time to reply. One more idea... tell your clients to reply with URGENT in the subject line if something urgent does come and they need to hear from you right away.

#2 - Schedule your Social Media posts.

Create your content for the week and schedule it! I like to use Planoly for my scheduling needs. I can schedule my posts to auto posts and my followers won't even know Im not pushing the post button.

  • Choose how many posts you want to have for the week, maybe it is less over the holidays.

  • Stick with the Christmas theme. Share your plans or traditions and keep them in relation to your personal brand for client connection.

POST IDEA: " Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas", include a personal photo or a stock one that fits your brand. Look one post is already done, only a few more to go!

"Sometimes the secret to getting more done is taking time off" - unknown.

#3 - Email your List.

Christmas is the easiest time to send out a very effortless newsletter and touch base with your clients. You don't need to include a lot, just keep it simple.

  • Wish them a Merry Christmas. Include a festive photo of your family, yourself or your pet!

  • Repurpose an old piece of content like a Blog post or Social media post that got lots of engagement this year or is relevant to something coming up in your business.

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#4 - Leave the phone alone.

Put your phone down over the holidays. Of course take pictures but remember you don't need to post them right away. Take the photos and post them a few hours later when you have a moment. Or wait a few days and do a holiday recap post to catch everyone up on what you have been up to over the holidays.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to put your business into holiday mode this season. Being an entrepreneur means you are almost always in work mode, that is why I believe it is SO important to take intentional breaks when you can. Christmas is the perfect time to take some real time off to spend with your family. Your clients will expect it, so enjoy it!!

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