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Tasks Every Photographer Should Automate

Updated: Jan 3

You're a woman of many things! You are a photographer, a mom, a wife and you are busy balancing all the things. You probably already know that automating tasks and workflows will save you hours of time each week but the idea of how much time and focus it will take probably feels daunting, am I right?

What if it doesn't have to be?

There are so many amazing automation tools within your reach, some of them are even free to get started. Now is as good as ever to streamline your systems and workflows.

To help get you started with automation, I have put together this list of some of the tasks that you should be automating in your business.

Contact Management

If you don't have a CRM system in place yet, go do that right now!! You NEED a home base to store customer and lead data, track customer interactions and share easily share info with a VA or team member. I have been using 17 hats for years and it does almost everything I need it too. Definitely download a few free trials to see what CRM system works for you. They are all just a little different and you may prefer one over the other. Honeybook and Dubsado are two other great platforms.

Lead Generation/Contact Forms

Create a contact form on your website for leads to come in. Then create a series of automated emails that go out based on "if this, then that". I have this set up in 17hats and it make client inquires such a breeze.

Client Emails

Create a series of email templates and turn them into an automated workflow (when client pays and signs contract; send welcome email, set reminder email to go out 7 days before session date, etc.)

Don't have your own email templates yet? Grab my 10 done for you email templates HERE. Need help getting your email workflow set up in your CRM system. I am happy to help! Just shoot me an email yourva4aday@gmail.com

Email List/Newsletters

You should be emailing your list often! At the very least, once a month or every few months to touch base and let them know about current offers and events. Use a system like Flodesk, Converkit or Mailchimp to easily send out broadcast emails to your entire list. Create a series of welcome emails when a new person signs up for your list. Join our weekly Email List HERE!

Facebook Messenger Bot

Create a series of conversations that automatically chat with a client on Facebook.

Schedule Social Media

There are so many amazing tools to preschedule your social media posts, I use Planoly but there are tons of options out there like Later, Sendible and more. I love being able to see my month at one glance and just drag and drop my posts into place. Set it and forget it is my kind of social media planning!

Inbox Filtering

Set up priority inboxes and using automated inbox filtering to sort through your emails. I have this set up through gmail and I love how it can separate my promotional emails. I still want to have access to these but I don't want them clogging up my inbox each day.

These are some very quick and easy ways to start automating in your business. Want help getting your systems set up and automated? I would love to help. Let's hop on a free 10 minute Coffee & Conversation to see where I can be of service so you can gain time back to focus on the things you enjoy.

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