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Sneak Peek at the New Biz Besties Community and Membership

Updated: Feb 25

EEEKK... I am so excited to share a sneak peek at my brand new membership! The Biz Besties Community.

I LOVE offering support and accountability to female entrepreneurs while tackling tasks and streamlining systems in their photography businesses. I am so grateful that many people have put their trust in me, however I am reaching capacity with my 1 to 1 clients at this time. This membership will allow me to continue to provide support, accountability and surrounds you with likeminded female entrepreneurs, hello business besties!!

This was actually my first idea when I started your VA 4 a Day! I wanted to offer a membership style subscription where I could work with more female entrepreneurs at one time but I wasn't quite sure on exactly what it needed to be. So I launched a free Accountability group on Facebook while I figured out the details and what people would really want out of a membership.

Want in on the free group for now? JOIN HERE.

This membership is still in the works and will be officially launched over the next few months, but it is a big idea that I am SO excited about. Those who I have shared this with are already on board to sign up!!

So what will this membership be and what will it include? Here are some of the ideas I have.

• At least ONE Group Co-Working date each month

We will hop on zoom for an hour and work together, I don't know about you but there is just

something so motivating about working along side one of my business besties that gets my

creativity going!

• A FREE Bonus each Month

This could include a freebie, content ideas, trainings, etc. I have so many ideas for the

monthly bonus and believe this alone will be worth the cost of the monthly membership for


• A Facebook Community

The facebook group is where will will spend most of our time together. We will have themed

posts throughout the week #weeklycheckins #weeklywins #weeklycheckouts

#motivationmondays and more. You will be encouraged to post questions, ask for help and

feedback in the group for anything that you are working on. Need some motivation? Post in

the group. Want to celebrate a win? Post in the group. Need some input on a project ideas?

Post in the group. Need some love on a social post? Post in the group. The goal is to support

each other and gain value through this.

• Content ideas for the Month

This one is still in the works, so feel free to give me some input on what YOU need.

• Weekly Coffee & Conversation

Every week I will hop on FB Live for a Coffee & Conversations. Grab your favourite

beverage, I will have a coffee in hand, and lets Q&A, discuss a new trend, share what we

are working on, etc. I did this with my photography business on IG Live in the past and

people loved it.

• Discount on 1-1 VA Services

Looking to work with a VA? As a member you will receive discounts on any of my services

including my brand new VIP Days, read more on those HERE.

I am so excited about this Biz Besties Community Membership, but I need to know some feedback from YOU to see what you think about it and how it will work for you! At the end of the day this membership is geared to help you see success in your business.

I want to offer you a VERY LIMITED TIME founding members offer that you can lock in for life! The founding members will get early access for only $15/month for as long as you are a member. I will also be asking for your feedback on exactly how the membership will be structured moving forward. How cool is that? You get to help create a membership from the very beginning.

I know you want in on this, click the link below to secure your spot and you're special pricing. The Founding members discount is only until February 28th at midnight and then you will have to join the waitlist until the officially official launch. Let's do this!!

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