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Set your intentions for a productive week!

Updated: Jan 3

It's a brand new month and it is also a Monday, which means it is time to set your intentions for a productive week.

As a photographer, this is most likely your busiest time of year. You are swapped with editing, trying to keep up with social media, holiday promos, etc and probably wondering how you can tackle all the "things" on your to do list.

Reality check... you might have an unrealistic expectation of what you can tackle in a day. Now let me explain, I am not saying you aren't capable of doing big things, I know you are!! But maybe, if you added up the tasks on your to do list, you come to realize that you have 8 hours of work that you think you can get done while the kids are at school. Guess what? School is only 6 hours, minus pick up and drop off, minus bathroom breaks, lunch and any other distractions (ahem social media?). How much time do you really have each day to work? Now don't let this bring you down, let's use it to create an obtainable plan for you.

I want to help you make a plan this week. By using these steps I can guarantee you will see an increase in productivity this week. Are you going to try it?

A. YES or

B. Count me in!

  1. Make a list of all your to do's. This includes editing, social media posts and client emails.

  2. Highlight your non negotiables. What do you HAVE to get done this week or even today!

  3. Recognize your 10 minute tasks. What items do you have on your list that can be done in 10 minutes or less.

  4. Choose 3 items to tackle today. Make these items realistic based on your time and capacity for the day (This is important for success). You can even write down how much time they will take or how much time you are willing to spend on them.

  5. Cross them off as you complete them and reward yourself with a quick break, dance party or message your #businessbestie to celebrate!

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5.

Don't be busy, be productive!

I hope you found this information valuable, if you try this method and and still need help to tackle your list of to do's, I would love to be of service to you. I can help you can save time and focus on the things you enjoy in your business.

Wondering how we can work together?

First thing is first, let's set up a strategy session. A quick 10 minute Coffee & Conversation via zoom to see where you are hitting roadblocks in your productivity. During this call we will pinpoint what tasks are stealing your productivity and how we can change that. You will walk away with from our call with some ideas you can use right away to that will help you tackle these or you can choose to bring me on as your personal VA to tackle some of these items for you.

Click the link below to take the next step in working together.

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