• Alysha Spencer

Happy New Year!! Where do I start?

We made it through the first week of January!! Was it just me, or did that week feel like it took 3 weeks to get through? Lol. There was a common theme this week and that was….


After being in holiday mode it can be hard to get back going again. The kids were unexpectedly home from school this week and it wreaked havoc on my productivity. As with most of you I am implementing some new resolutions or goals, whichever you prefer to call them, this week. But where do we start with them?

My biggest focus has been using the Push Journal system. It is allowing me to create space each day to focus on planning for the day ahead, getting clear on the timing of my tasks, while also using it through out the day to check off tasks and see my to do list in one place. It has been working so great for me and I can't wait to share more about it.

You have enough going on getting back into a groove this week, so I am keeping this short and sweet!

What do I want from you this week?

• Check out the Blog!

• Braindump your to do's then prioritize which ones to do first (There is a blog post for that!!)

• Join the accountability group on Facebook

• Book one of my free 15 minute Coffee & Conversations if you want to see where I can help you in your business, or if you just want to have coffee and chat!!

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