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Celebrate your wins, big or small!

Updated: Jan 3

Last week, I celebrated some exciting wins in my first month of business! I want to share my wins with you, in hopes to encourage you to celebrate yours! No matter how big or small, I feel that you should celebrate your wins! It makes conquering tasks on your to do list so much more rewarding!

  1. I finished a job for my first official VA client! It felt so rewarding to cross such a big task off her to do list.

  2. I booked not 1 but 2 more VA clients! Woop woop.

So grab your favourite drink and raise a glass to celebrate with me!!


I would love to hear your wins of the week!! Hit me up on Facebook, Instagram or send me a quick email and tell me one win you are celebrating this week, so I can celebrate with you #businessbestie

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Ok, now moving on to this week. I have a busy few weeks ahead of me. On top of my VA client work, I am gearing up for a FULL weekend of Christmas and Tree Farm mini sessions. Oh and did I mention, I have to drive 3 1/2 hours from Peachland to the Lower Mainland? I see lots off coffee and loud hip hop music in my future. 4 full days away from home, now if only I was posting up in a luxury hotel for a mini solo vacay lol (one can dream!!).

As I gear up for such a busy time, and I am sure so are you, it is SO important to keep your to do list and tasks realistic! You are capable of amazing things, but if you have an unrealistic idea of what you can actually accomplish through the week, you aren't setting yourself up for success. Here are are few tips for tackling a long list without overwhelm.

  • Write down all your tasks somewhere you can easily view it throughout the day (I write mine in a notebook that I can throw in my purse)

  • If you have a task that requires multiple steps to complete, make sure you write them all down. (For example. Don't just write editing, include each session and the steps you need to go through from culling to gallery delivery)

  • Use a client workflow checklist. Don't have one? Steal my photography client workflow template below. CLIENT WORKFLOW Sheet1.pdf

  • Schedule blocks of time each day to tackle your tasks (this really helps me! If I only have 2 hours to work today, I know its unrealistic to edit all my sessions in 2 hours, this is where breaking down those tasks into small steps help me stay on track)

  • Have someone watch or play with the kids so you can get some uninterrupted work done even if just for 30 minutes!

  • Limit distractions by putting your phone on silent, only check emails and social media 1-2x per day (don't get sucked into mindless scrolling, you have work to do lol)

  • Find a #businessbestie to hold you accountable

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