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Ask yourself these 5 questions before 2022

Updated: Jan 27

Use these 5 questions to help you shape your 2022 year.

We made it through the holiday weekend and hopefully you took some real time off! I did and it felt so good :) It's funny how we come entrepreneurs so that we can work from home and spend more time with our families, yet we end up working more hours than a full time job most months. This is why taking real time off is so important to me.

Over the past few months, I have leaped wholeheartedly into this VA business. In seasons like these, sometimes a hot cup of coffee and an empty notebook are just the right atmosphere for new ideas to take shape, and the inspiration I get when chatting with my business besties ain't too bad either!

There is just something about the end of a year and the beginning of a new one that has me inspired to do some deep work. 2021 was a tough year for a lot of people, so let's not dwell to much on the past but instead reflect on where we have been so that we can build the roadmap to where we want to go.

Now I want you to ask yourself these questions?

1. What was your biggest ‘win’ in 2021? Think outside the box on this one, this could have been any sort of aha moment. A personal win, a new routine, a mindset shift or actually accomplishing a goal.
2. What was your biggest challenge this year and how did you overcome it?
3. If you are still working on overcoming those challenges, how could the help or insight moving forward in 2021? What would that look like? Who would you need to reach out to? What steps would you have to take to get the help you need? What would you have to sacrifice to to conquer those challenges and get ahead of them for 2022?
4. How do you feel about where you are today? Are you feeling fulfilled and grateful? Are you feeling defeated? Do you need to feel inspired?
5. What are you most excited for in 2022? When you look at the year ahead of you, what comes up for you? Excitement? Inspired? Nervous? Overwhelmed?

If you are nothing but good vibes for 2022 it sounds like you might have a plan or at least some big goals that have you excited to get started.

If you aren't feeling so inspired moving into 2022 maybe it is time to create a plan and a roadmap for what is in store for you?

Either way, I want to encourage you to take some time this week to do some dream work, soul searching, and goal setting for the new year.

Want to work on some of these questions together? I would love to chat with you! I am going to be touching on these topics in my free Facebook group and I would love to have you apart of the conversation!

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