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A Month's Worth of Tasks in just One Day? No Way!!

Updated: May 18

During Spring break, I am grateful for day camp and daycare so my work-life balance doesn't fall completely through the cracks lol. I have been busy behind the scenes around here, streamlining processes and creating new booking systems as I get ready to move the way I offer my services over to the VIP Day model. Keep reading to learn more…

One thing I have noticed since starting Your VA 4 a Day, is that Business Owners want and need their tasks done quickly!! Business owners want their projects turned around quickly instead of chipping away at it just a few hours each week. They also don't want to commit to hiring a VA on retainer and have to find work for them each week or each month! What if I told you we could get a months worth of work done in just one day? Insert the VIP DAY. Over the last few months, I have been implementing the Your VA 4 a Day VIP Days and the feedback from clients has been amazing! So amazing that I am moving towards the VIP Day model and not bringing on any new monthly retainer clients at this time. I am so excited to share more about this amazing service! The goal of the VIP day is to set up the system first so we can implement it right away and then you (or I) just maintain it after that. The very first step is to book your Kick Off Call, where we will go over all the details and layout the road map for the project. Then once it is your VIP Day, I get to work on all the action items we have laid out together. Let me share some examples of what we can do on Your VIP Day: You want to set up a new client workflow in your CRM (I use 17 hats). As a photographer, this could be for a Portrait Session, Weddings or Minis Campaign. First, we need to map out the customer journey, decide where they should inquiry with you, which documents you need to create, which email templates go where in the workflow, build out invoices, proposals, questionnaires etc and then… we can automate it!! Phew! This is a definitely a big one, but the end result of how much time you will save on each client will pay for itself in just a couple new client bookings. Or, you want your social media content planned, created and scheduled for the month, then we need to first create a content plan together, decide on how many posts, brainstorm content buckets and topic ideas, create the posts and then schedule them for you. How good would that feel to have a whole month of social media scheduled for you at once? Sit back and let the posts roll out without lifting a finger. Or perhaps you have a giant list of tasks on your to-do list; you want to…. start a client newsletter, create some Canva graphics/templates, clean up and archive old files that are creating clutter on your drives, create some blog posts, create email templates, give your website a facelift, create a client or style guide and the list goes on and on! Your VA 4 a Day VIP Days are the answer to getting your projects completed without having to spend hours upon hours yourself or commit to hiring a full-time VA. When you sign up for a VIP Day you can rest assured knowing that once our VIP Day is complete, so is your project! Reduce the stress of your overwhelming task list, focus your time and energy on the tasks you do enjoy when you outsource your to-do list. If you want to get on the VIP DAY Waitlist, here is the link! I am fully booked for March and almost booked for April, I am opening up a 2 more spots for April. They are first come first serve.

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