• Alysha Spencer

8 time saving hacks I use in my day to day life

Today I want to share with you some of my favourite time saving hacks that I use in my day to day life. While these may seem simple, they work well for me and my hope is that by sharing, you will find even one of these helpful in your day to day life :)

1. Make a list before bed

By creating my to do list or doing a brain dump before I go to bed, I can have a better understanding of what is on my plate for the next day. Now alternatively, if this gets your mind going too much before bed, do this first thing in the morning instead.

2. Lunches before bed

Making school lunches for the kids in the evening takes the pressure off my morning routine. There is nothing worse than waking up a few minutes later that you hoped and realizing you have to scramble to make lunches.

3. Implement a morning routine

Waking up before the kids and having a coffee in peace sets my day off on just the right tone, even if things turn chaotic after the kids get up, I know I had that time lol. While I sip my coffee I rotate through enjoying the sunset, replying to email, prioritizing my daily task or some days if I am really on the ball I fit in a quick 20 minute workout and have a shower.

4. Using my Planner

I am a pen to paper kind of girl so writing everything in my planner and crossing things off as I tackle them is such a good feeling. At the end of the day I can celebrate all the tiny wins as I see what I accomplished throughout the day.

5. Eat the big frog first

This was a term I learned at a Photography Conference. By doing the biggest task first will make the rest of my tasks feel like a breeze. I used to do the easy tasks first and would feel so unmotivated to complete my last big tasks.

6. Prioritize your to do list.

First thing first, do a brain dump each week of all the tasks you need to complete in that week. Then each day pick your top 3 tasks that are non negotiable for that day, once you choose your top 3 create a list below those items of things that need to be done once the top 3 has been done.

7. Order groceries on line

As a busy female entrepreneur grocery shopping in person is a huge time sucker (unless I am using that as a mini kid free activity to get out of the house lol) So now, I order my groceries online each week and schedule to pick up my order after school drop off or pick up to save time since I am already out. This also saves me $$ randomly browsing the aisles and let's me plan my meals without jumping from aisle to aisle in the store.

8. Automate that task

If you have to do a task more than twice its time to automate it. Create a system that can be repeated or better yet create an automation to be done without any effort from you.

And that's it!! These are just 8 time saving hacks I use in my day to day life. I am all about finding hacks to save time so I hope you found it helpful.

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