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30 days of Reels Challenge and Results

Updated: Jan 31

Jen from Mountaintop Consulting put out a challenge to post 30 days of Reels in the month of January and I decided to hop on board.

When I first messaged Jen to tell her I was in, I told her I would commit to posting 2 or 3 Reels per week. But then my ambition kicked in and I thought, go big or go home right? lol. Well, By day 3 or 4 I started to wonder what the heck I was thinking. It got easier as the days went on and I learned so many new things along the way.

30 days of Reels and here are my results:

Overall my reach was up, engagement was up and I gained (as well as lost) a bunch of new followers. I was thrilled by the final result and will definitely continue to post Reels on my business page, just maybe not every day haha. I learned a few things over the last month and I want to share some tips to set you up for success.

Tips for creating and posting Reels:

- Research for Reels, Songs or Trends you like and save them.

- The Voiceover Reels seemed like the easiest to get started with

- Pick out a few Reel ideas and then choose a topic related to your business

- Batch record your Reels so you always have a few prerecorded.

- Collaborate with other businesses to extend your reach

I hope you found this post helpful. Now I want you to go ahead and commit to 30 days of Reels! You will be so impressed with the results.

Not ready to commit to a reel each day? Start off smaller, Commit to posting one per week or maybe two. Showcase your work, answer client questions and most of all have fun!


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