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17 hats VIP Day Experience | Your VA 4 a Day

Together we are going to streamline and automate your client experience in 17hats. You don't need to hire a full time VA to manage your leads and new bookings, you just need....ME!

Does this sound like you?

A client fills out your website contact form, sends you a message on facebook or instagram and you instantly feel overwhelmed! These thoughts are going through your mind:

  • What do I include in my initial reply?

  • Quote, Contract, Pricing, Questionnaire? Do I send it all or just one.

  • Where is my pricing and options for that session type.

  • Didn't I just send a similar email? I should just find, copy and paste that one.

Girl!! You are not alone.

Most photographers feel the anxiety and overwhelm set in when that new lead comes in. Not because they don't want the work, but because they have no foundations for their client experience. No one has shown you the way to set up a simple lead workflow and especially in your CRM, so workflows leave you confused on what to include and what to send at what time.

When you first started your photography business you never expected to be stuck behind the computer stressing about emails and workflows.

I spent countless hours researching "what is a workflow" and "how the heck do I set one up".

Guess what, I eventually figured this out and now I want to help you set you yours so that you can can gain countless hours back each week and get back to what you love... taking beautiful photos and having more time to spend with your family.

So what exactly is a workflow?

It is a series of automated events that go out a set time and based on your clients choices. For example, client inquires and an automated email with a quote goes out, client accepts quote and tiggers nexts steps.

When it comes to automating your client experience, it is important to FIRST map out your client journey from the time they that lead comes in and where from, to the time the gallery is delivered, and in some instances even further.

Yes this process can be a lot of work and requires a lot of brain power to map out the steps and little details, but this is where I come in! Putting my 17hats expertise to work for YOU!

I want you to get excited friend, because I can help you automate this whole process without all the stress and overwhelm.

I am here to offer you a solution, The Your VA 4 a Day VIP Day Experience.

How it works:

  • A Kick off Call on zoom to strategize and create the roadmap for each piece of your workflow.

  • Your very own VIP Day with a 17hats expert, and fellow photographer, working behind the scenes to tackle your systems and put it all together for you.

  • Email Templates, Questionnaires, Contracts, Quotes, Invoices, etc that work together to streamline the process.

  • You can feel confident that you are bringing on the right team for the job while automating your client experience with complete ease.


3 hours of time dedicated to your business with only one goal in mind: A fully functioning workflow to take your client experience from chaos to curated.

This offer is for you if you want to:

  • Experience the relief that comes from mapping out your client journey and automating your client workflows.

  • Feel confident when new leads come in because you have a structured and automated workflow in place.

  • Map out how each piece works together while rolling into the next step of the workflow.

  • Know that each step works seamlessly together

  • Outline the pieces you need so that it's not stressful and easy to put together

The Process

  1. Kick off Call

  2. Book your VIP Day

  3. Complete your Pre-VIP Day homework

  4. VIP Day is here!

Not ready for a VIP Day? No worries, we still have some options for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is this homework you speak of?

Since we have a limited amount of time together, 3 hours flies by, there are 2 parts to your homework.

1. Your Pre-VIP Day Questionnaire that you will fill out for us. This will answer a lot of questions about your business and what you offer! This is essential for a successful Kick off Call and of course, VIP Day.

2. Any items you need to gather for us prior to your VIP Day. This could include email templates, questionnaire, contract, Logo, etc.

Does this mean you are now my VA?

The short answer... No! Yes I will set up your systems for you but I am not going to be your VA after your VIP Day with us is complete and our time together has ended. If you want to book another VIP Day for another project, social media or a systems refresh, you can!

I am so overwhelmed and have no extra time to invest in this, how much time will this take?

Your homework times should take you no more than 1-2 hours and you can expect your Kick off Call to last 60-90 minutes. We will take care of the rest!

What software do you work with?







Google Docs

Meta Business Suite

Plann That

and many more.

Do you offer monthly/hourly retainer services?

We no longer offer services on a retainer basis, maybe one day as the team grows bigger. However, once we complete your VIP Day together, We are happy to help you with other projects. If your request doesn't fall into the VIP Day, we can still work together on your project. We would likely provide you a custom quote and hours are billed to the closest half hour. Please note: project requests submitted before 4pm on Friday will be worked on the following week and completed the following Friday (subject to the size of the request).

Office Hours:

Mondays & Wednesdays 10:00am - 2:00pm PST

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00am - 4:00pm PST

Evenings and Weekends are for family time!!

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